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Partial Customer List With Testimonials

Mitsubishi Warehouse

We are always looking for innovative ways to make progress forward. You may not realize this, but we do have one of the most performance oriented "logistics" system around. This is due to Andre's super capabilities. Andre is probably the most sought after EDI experts around and has never let me down on any business application ideas that I come up with.

What makes our industry so unique is the fact that "multi-client" world demands so many different ways of tracking goods and processes. I am never amazed with technology until it provides me with something I can use to gain competitive advantage for myself or for the company. This is what Andre is very excellent at!

As we move closer to the new millennium, I firmly believe the "virtual" era is in the near future which will require any business system to be very fast and flexible in providing further impact to the businesses and to the world we live in.

George Steven
General Manager


This letter is to express our gratitude to all the years of support for our organization. In the 17 years since the first installation of an MAI Basic Four system with 10 terminals to our present RISC 6000 system with 105 terminals you have always exceeded our expectations in terms of system functionality and on-going support.

Our organization has seen tremendous growth in terms of the number of locations, the number of customers and products handled. The application software is a critical factor in our company being and industry leader within our marketplace. We have succeeded by offering the best possible service to our customers and you have helped us accomplish this by doing the same.

Thank you for all you and your people have done.

Yours truly,

Brian Cropley

East Coast Warehouse

We approach the new century with the anticipation of continued growth and success. And fueled with the knowledge that the all-important area of technology is in the hands of a true professional and his organization.

Our association with Andre and the Andlor LMS System continues into its eighth year with the arrival of the Year 2000.

During this period, Andre has seen us through hardware changes, EDI development - with over twenty trading partners, UCC 128 pallet tag and the ASN process, implementation of Radio Frequency, and Internet connectivity with our customers.

His vision has enhanced our ability to provide the level of service and the breadth of information necessary to survive, compete, and win in the 3rd Party Logistics arena.

East Coast Whse. & Dist. Corp.

Patterson Warehouses

Support has a dual meaning at Patterson Warehouses. We obviously need help if problems arise, but we also require significant resources for special projects. The Andlor Group has truly exceeded our expectations in both Support roles.

Van S. Oliver
IT Manager
Patterson Warehouses, Inc.

Frontier Logistics Services

We always believe that customer satisfaction the primary goal at Frontier could be achieved by meeting our customers' requirements through continuous improvement of our business processes.

There would be no doubt that our recently implemented WMS & EDI system in association with Andre and his team will play an important role as part of our ongoing effort to provide best-in-class services in our business arena.

During past years of our project on-going consulting of their team always surpassed our expectation and functionality of application software provided us have demonstrated that Andre is the most talented man in this area.

Andre showed us that they conduct business with integrity and trust and I would strongly believe any client doing business with him would feel the same.

Jeff Woo
IT Manager
Frontier Logistics Services

California Cartage Company

We have been a customer of Andlor Logistics since 1999. We selected Andlor prior to Y2K because they demonstrated the ability to commit to a software product that was Y2K compliant. Since that time, we have developed an excellent relationship built on trust, respect and bottom line results. Andlor has been right beside as well as a driving force in the growth and advancement of our IT capabilities to support our ever growing customer base. They have also supported us in gaining greater internal efficiencies through the use of technology.

We consider ourselves more like business partners with Andlor because they act as an extension of our company and give the same level of care and commitment to our business and customers as we do.

Sandy Pruett
Director, IT
California Cartage Company, Inc.

CityIce Cold Storage

Andlor Logistic Systems and CityIce Cold Storage have worked together over twenty years to meet the continuously changing challenges of public warehousing industry in the today's logistic market. The software we have developed with Andlor is flexible, meets our unique business requirements, is continually improving our business process and helps keep us ahead of the competition in system capabilities.

Our customers are delighted with their access to inventory, shipping and receiving information via the E-Track web access. Our Andlor Warehouse Management System provides us with critical information quickly, easily and just the way we want it. The Andlor Warehouse Management System allows us to treat customer's inventories in a distinctive manner to satisfy customer's needs.

Andlor Logistic Systems personnel understand the industry they working for and the challenges we face in the global market. They are continuously changing their product and making it more useful to the individual needs of the customer. We have looked at various inventory management packages and warehouse management packages over the years. We continue to choose Andlor Logistic Systems because no other software meets our existing needs or anticipates our needs in the future better than Andlor Logistic Systems.

Trenton Cold Storage

I want to say,  Thank you, for the many years of excellent service Andlor and you personally have provided to our Company. Far too often we forget to thank our service providers for the work they do, especially when that work always appears so seamless.

When the topic of software and the service provided to the warehouse industry comes up in conversations...and yes, it actually does come up...what you hear is all the chatter about problems, either with the product or with the service. I have been very fortunate in that I seldom have anything to talk about, other than the good service you provide and the stability of the system we're operating.

You have been very open to suggestions and prompt in your responses. We are looking forward to the upgrade we are going through now that will allow us to take advantage of the many enhancements that the new level will offer. I can see TCS pushing farther and harder, with the help of Andlor, in continuing to lead the edge of technology in temperature controlled third party warehousing.

Thanks again, Andre!

Yours very truly,
S.A. (Stan) Bigford
Secretary Treasurer &
Chief Financial Officer

Fontana Logistics Center, Inc.

The Andlor Group is the one of the most customer oriented and result driven organizations I have had the pleasure to work with. They listen to the development needs of the customer and return with logical and practical programs that not only meet the required specifications, but are also economical. Numerous times during the process of developing new programs, the staff at Andlor are always looking to use existing programming to tie into new programs that help reduce overall development costs. Therefore saving costs for our customers and ourselves.

With the various changing needs and requirements that are being placed on 3rd Party Logistics, it is fortunate to have teamed-up with an organization that understands any new requirements. They are continually keeping up to date with all the changing aspects of the business and can quickly adapt to any of our customers needs. We are continually asked by our customers to be the first to develop any new programs/process or EDI transaction because of the outstanding reputation that Andlor has built with our customers. Not only are these projects completed correctly, but in most cases, faster than the customer ever expected.

Andlor keep us at the leading edge of development and services when providing results to our customers.

Ed Arce
Operations Manager

United Warehouses

Dear Andre & Karim:

I want you both to know that we truly value our relationship with the Andlor Group. It is refreshing to deal with a vendor who obviously cares about how its products and services enhance our business.

The software package we purchased from your company has the functionality and flexibility necessary to support our client base. We constantly receive compliments from our customers regarding your web interface E-Track system. Your group has the technical expertise and developmental skills we need to move forward and a superior support staff to back it all up. You have always come through with programming, reports, customization, EDI, or what ever we needed after we told a customer -  "We can do that."

We know that we can always count on you for any of our IT needs, and we appreciate all that you do for us!

Thank you.

James S. Teddy
Vice President Operations & Customer Service

Holman Distribution Center of Washington

To Whom It May Concern:

Holman Distribution Center 's Warehouse Management System is supported by Andlor Logistics and Quantum Logix. Holman has been working with Andre' Periana of Andlor Logistics since 1982.

Andlor has designed and installed several EDI programs and other programs to help us stay competitive in the Warehousing/Distribution field. Andlor has also worked closely with our network provider to link both our systems for ease of use.

We have requested and received support from Andlor as needed whether for special projects or hardware related issues.

Thanks to the Andlor group for all the help they have given us and continue to give us on a daily basis.



June Hallin
Office Manager


Andlor Customer Comments